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hey everyone, just wondering if there is anything on my to do list that would be the obvious choice for the first thing to do?
- goodridge brake lines front and rear
- New FSA stem
- New Charge Spoon saddle
- New FSA seatpost

cheers guys :)


  • The obvious choice would be the one you NEED the most.

    Failing that, the one that will make the biggest improvement over what you currently have.
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    It depends on what your current setup is and what you are trying to achieve, the one that is likely to make the most amount of difference (assuming you are changing the dimensions) is the stem. But if your current saddle is particularly uncomfortable you may wish change that first? More info needed.
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  • good point. the stem is purely for a slightly lighter high quality one, as its just a bikehut on at the moment, and one of the bolts has rounded itself off (for rounded itself read im an idiot and rounded it :D )
    the current seat is a carrera one (i built up the bike when i worked at halfords using spare bits, and have upgraded most of it since)

    do you think the brake lines will give a noticeable increase in performance? or are they more for reliability?
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    in no particular order...

    Tell us what you do
    Tell us what you are on about

    Personally I would pump up my tyres and then have a banana.
  • i do mostly XC, but i will throw my bike at just about anything i can find. so it needs to be strong, reliable, and light in that order :D
    (basically id rather have a heavy part that will last 10000 miles, than a lightweight 1 that will save me 100g and do 100miles)

    ive been eyeing up the brakes hose for a while now, but will it make any difference lets say on a dry trail, with pumped up tyres? or will it stop me just as well as the tektro stuff

    (ive got a 203mm rotor on the front, and the aigura comp dual pistons)
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    hoses will make feck all difference to anyone or anything!
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    get a new saddle if the one you got hurts your ass! that would be my main priority!
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    I have goodridge on the salsa build, the casings are great, cables are pure shite though...
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    If you aren't having any problems then it makes no difference. Unless you are changing set up as in longer/shorter stem or offset on seatpost etc... Probably saddle will be most noticable in feel. As for brake hoses unless you are going for a colour change or replacing damaged items there isn't any real point as it is not like theyare rubber or anything that flexes.
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    +1 On the hoses unless you are going for bling factor, you'll never generate enough brake pressure to pump up the hoses by hand.......mind you, if you do then never..ever shake anyones hand and lay off the mucky mags!!!
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    hey everyone, just wondering if there is anything on my to do list that would be the obvious choice for the first thing to do?
    - goodridge brake lines front and rear
    - New FSA stem
    - New Charge Spoon saddle
    - New FSA seatpost

    cheers guys :)

    Definately not the hoses unless you've damaged one of yours. FSA don't really make a good vfm stem tbh, not from what I've seen anyway, I like FSA kit but compared to Pro, Gusset and Truvativ they don't measure up well. Charge Spoon, ideal if you don't like your saddle. Seatpost... Mmm. Just depends what you want to achieve.
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    Nothing there seems performance related. If those bars are still on, I'd change them but only because they look awful. Generally, just ride more and save the money for when you break or wear something out.
  • do you mean my DMR wingbars? i just wanted something abit different, and i figured they arent going to break in a hurry.

    I think i will wait until i decide upon a new frame, cause chances are ill need a new seatpost then anyways, and then do that and saddle at the same time.

    as for the stem, ill prob end up doing that when i have to take the bars off for some reason :)

    cheers for the advice guys :) good to know the brake lines wont be of any benifit :)
  • Northwind
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    A seat that you like will never be a waste of money IMO, since they transfer bike to bike so well. Stems, not so much but getting the right length stem can transform a bike, switching from 70mm to 50mm on my Hemlock made a huge difference to me, but then if you change frame it might be wrong again. Definately leave the seatpost if you're changing bikes though.
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