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Afan Forest Park

kilokilo Posts: 174
edited April 2010 in Routes
Mrs K has said she would like to go to a trail centre for a weekend, the easiest to get to for us would seem to be Afan.

My questions are Is this suitable for a relatively experienced road cyclist, so reasonably fit, who's only done Surrey Hills a number of times off road?

Will a single speed mtb be ok around there and is there enough to get a couple of decent days (in reality 1/2 days) riding in without going up and down the same bits time and time again?

Any other advice gratefully received


  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    there's about 5 routes there so definately enough to keep you entertained as the trails are spread over 2 centres about 3 miles apart - easily rideable between the 2 on a disused railway line turned into a cycle path.

    as to whether you can do it on a singlespeed i'm not sure. i couldn't, but that's cos i'm quite unfit :lol:

    my favourite is the wall, nice easy fireroad climbs and awsome singletrack. one of the guys on here swears by the july trail which is slightly longer, i've never done it but it sounds good. whites level is what most people ride again it's a good trail but i find the final descent a big segmented and hard to get a good flow on.

    hope that helps :D
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