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Rapha jersey sleeve length?

on-yer-bikeon-yer-bike Posts: 2,974
edited April 2010 in Road buying advice
Does anybody find the sleeves to be too short on the short sleeve jerseys? I get a gap between the top of the arm warmer and the sleeve and the warmer is up to my armpit.


  • Hello On-Yer

    I'm an R3 man myself so I had to reply.

    The sleeves are on the shorter side, aren't they? With your armwarmers on, you can end up looking like an Edwardian lady wearing very long gloves to dinner.

    Same with the Rapha long sleeve top - the body of the small size fits me perfectly, but I wish the sleeves were an inch longer. I tend to wear a long-sleeve merino underneath, though, so that keeps my wrists warm. I checked the arm length on the Rapha website and the fit should be good - but it isn't.

    Don't have this problem with the Stowaway, interestingly. (I should add that I only have those three bits of Rapha kit, and it took me three years of acclimatising myself to the prices to get them all.)
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