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Tyre types

RockingDadRockingDad Posts: 239
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Had a look at replacement tyres and them ones i'm used to on my ye olde bike had the wire in the tyre but most nowadays don't seem to have these anymore. Are the folding type ok for use with inner tubes or mean't for tubeless or what?

Is it best to have the wire on type or the folding type.

What a newb question...... but I don't know! :roll:


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  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    Wire bead tyres are often heavier than folding bead ones. As a result they're usually aimed at the lower end of the market, so are cheaper and use harder rubber. So they last longer but the performance isn't as good.

    You can use a tubeless tyre with a tube. But there's no reason why a folding tyre would be tubeless. If it's tubeless it'll say Tubeless/UST/LUST/2Bliss on the side.

    So folding is usually better, but more expensive.

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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Wire beaded is still the most common.

    folding are more expensive/lighter and can be used in the same places as wire ones.

    If you are looking on line then folding are cheaper to post.....

    try a bike shop :wink:
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  • RockingDadRockingDad Posts: 239
    Thanks guys. I'll go for folding next then as a change from what i'm used to so I can see if they perform better due to different compounds, also being a bit lighter all helps!


    2010 Carrera Fury
    1992 Raleigh Equipe
  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    Tyre compound is tyre compound whether folding or not.
    Maxxis Supertacky Minions are well, VERY grippy, not low end at all and steel bead.... Although some weight will be reduced with folding tyres(possibly!) depends on the tyre maker.
    Most weight comes out of the sidewall, big light tyres may not last long depending on terrain....
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  • Ro88oRo88o Posts: 130 ... g-mtb-tyre ... yre-26x235

    bought a pair of nev`s from above a few wks back - good all round tyres, bargain price too....
    found them a bit awkward to fit at first but i`m well happy with them.
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