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Help with buying Cyclocross frame please

bigdavevwbigdavevw Posts: 213
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hey guys, thinking of buying a Cross frame and building it up. Just for fitness and a bit of fun really.
I am a MTBer so dont know much about road bikes/cross bikes.
I have a limit of £150 for the frame.
What does everyone think of Kinesis crosslights?
What size frame would i need? I am 6ft, 30" inside leg.

Any other frames i should consider?


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Crosslights are popular and well regarded - unless you go secondhand, there's relatively little choice. There's also the Planet-X Uncle John for £180. In terms of sizing, most people use the same size frame as they would a road bike or slightly smaller - i.e. slightly shorter toptube or stem, bars a little closer/ higher for better control at low speed / technical sections. Probably somewhere in the region of a 56-58cm toptube depending on your proportions and flexibility.
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  • BrocadeBrocade Posts: 433
    you could consider a Marin Toscana. A frame occasionally pops up on eBay for under £150. It has disc brake mounts, which you might prefer as a MTB'er.
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  • NormanPriceNormanPrice Posts: 34
    Hi Bigdavevw,

    I've just ordered me a new bike on the Cyclescheme. Rather than going for an off the peg bike I decided to go down the route of choosing a frame and building it from there.

    I'm 6' 1 1/2" with a 35 1/4" inside leg (I assume your inside leg measurement is from floor to crotch rather than a trouser measurement? I seem to have freakishly long legs lol!).

    I went for a Dolan Cross frame. I'd initially thought the 58cm frame would be ideal but after trying it out I opted for the 60cm. The bike is intended as an all purpose road / winter training / light off road bike so I don't really need the extra standover clearance usually required on a cross bike.

    Graham Weigh Cycles do the Dolan Cross frame for £150. They also do one with their own decals on in matt black (the Dolan is laquered) which appears to be identical in every way other than pain finish. I think it's £80 or there abouts.

    I don't know much about the frames and I can't comment on their durability as I won't be getting it for another 4 weeks :cry: .

    I've provisionally specced it up with carbon forks, carbon seatpost, SRAM Rival groupset (seems excellent value for what you get and love the idea of douple tap shifters at this price), compact chainset, Xero XPR-3 Wheelset (although currently considering other options here) and various other bits n bobs.

    Basically, I wanted a road orientated bike with extra clearance for fatter tyres. I'd looked at all sorts of bikes and got fed up with wishing that bike had this or this bike had that so decided to start from scratch and spec it the way I wanted it.

    Graham Weigh sells quite a bit of stuff on eBay but you can always call them and order directly.

    I just can't wait for my voucher to arrive so I can give them the go ahead to get it ready. I'm really looking forward to getting back into it after a few years out of the saddle.
  • 100%100% Posts: 236
    I've got a Kinesis Crosslight 4T (now replaced by the 5T) and I'd highly recommend it.

    I too bought it after MTBing, started using it to commute to work and then started racing cross on it. I've had it two years now and it's been very good, I'd certainly recommend them. Taken all the abuse of me trying to learn how to race cross too.

    Entry level Kinesis cross frames also usually have bottle bosses and mounting points for mud guards and panniers with clearance for a triple if you chose to go that route.

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