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Scott CR1 Elite (SRAM) or Cannodale Six Carbon (Ultegra)

homingkwokhomingkwok Posts: 2
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Hi All,

I am trying to decide which one I should get. I am thinking of the Scott's CR! Elite with SRAM Rival set or the C's Six Carbon with an ultegra set: ... /cr1_elite ... x-Carbon-3

I am hoping to get my speedy bike that I can do half-iron triathlons in (not planning to buy a tri bike - no money) as well as do my regular long weekend rides. I am hesitant about the CR1's Sram Rival components as I heard they are not reliable. And I am hesitant about the C's Six Carbon because of the more upright geometry, compared to racy angle of the CR1.

would like to get a CR1 Pro with Ultegra, but it's is out of my price range.

I am leaning towards CR1 Elite, but would like your feedback.



  • JesseDJesseD Posts: 1,961
    What are you riding at the moment?

    What is the height of your current bikes head tube and how many spacers do you have under the stem?

    How felxible are you?

    What a lot of people do is buy a bike with aggressive geometry as they think it's racier, then bang a load of spacers under the stem totally regating the agressive stance the bike has.

    If your current head tube is say, 15cm and you have 4cm of spacers under the stem and the head tube on the dale is 17cm, this will still be lower than your current setup.
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  • WamasWamas Posts: 256
    The CR1 has a longish head tube too, but not too long.

    I have the CR1 Elite and love it, especially the SRAM Rival, although I have fitted a Force crank to it.
  • I've got a Boardman Team carbon with Rival and have just acquired an ally Trek with New Ultegra.

    My lifelong Shimano fan opinion is that actually Shimano shifting is like stirring porridge in comparison to Sram.
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