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Felt Z-85 Availability

louismichaelslouismichaels Posts: 118
edited April 2010 in Road buying advice
I've been waiting for two and a half months for my Felt Z-85. The delivery date has been put back at least once.
The bike was meant to arrive Monday,but then...the bike shop called and said the Z-85 wasn't going to turn up.
Apparently, the bike shop puts its orders into the the distributors months and months ago. I assume they then pass this info back to Felt, so Felt know how many bikes to make.
Unfortunately, Felt didn't appear to make enough bikes, and therefore the distributor didn't get their allotted quota, and thus various bike shops were left short. And their customers.
Like me! I did ask "If Felt experiences high demand, why does it not just make more?" Apparently this isn't the case.
HOWEVER, my LBS (Cyclopolis in London, who are fab) and the distributors negotiated a deal, and I was offered a Z-75 at a good discount, which I picked up today. So whilst I waited longer than I think I should have, and paid a bit more than I was anticipating, I've ended up with a really nice machine.
Many thanks to Cyclopolis and the UK distributor of Felt.
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