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Vittoria Diamante pro tyres near death experience

WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
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Just been out in the norths finest wet weather.
First wet ride on my Vittoria Diamante pro tyres.
Wow are these lethal!! I'm pretty good with bike skills but these just want to break traction at every possible chance.
They felt fine in the dry but as soon as its wet your gambling with your life.Even climbing today was enough to break traction.
Not impressed one bit so I'm putting my Pro 3's back on


  • shmoshmo Posts: 321
    Wait, you mean you don't carry a pair of Diamante Pro Rain for when you hit the wet stuff? Clearly your mechanics need to be better equipped.

    Don't rate them either, or any Vittoria tyre to be honest. I've had Diamante, Rubino and Zaffiro and they all start cutting up and puncturing long before Vredesteins or Michelins. They make good inner tubes though.
  • huuregeilhuuregeil Posts: 780
    My Diamantes aer on my TT wheels, largely for that reason, and the fact they feel quick. Otherwise PR3s all the way, the most outstanding tyre I've ridden in the wet, particularly in 25mm guise.

    Glad you got home in one piece!
  • chriskemptonchriskempton Posts: 1,245
    Had the same experience with some Conti GP Triathlons I got for free with some wheels. Went for a long ride in the wet on Sunday and was bricking myself on twisty descents. These ones don't seem to have any suppleness at all, so every little bump throws you off line and I was spinning out on gravel up hills.

    Back to PR3s for me as well. I thought I was saving £50 by using something I had lying around, but not worth it...
  • greeny12greeny12 Posts: 759
    Always two sides to every story...I switched back to Diamantes (on which I've never yet had a puncture) from PR3s after finding they punctured like an old tea bag, including three in one ride that necessitated a lift back to my car in an old Land Rover!

    I've bene down loads of wet roads on 'em, including a soaking wet descent of the Bwlch, and never had a problem - maybe I'm just too careful!!
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  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    I was gutted to be honest as I do like the Diamantes as they don't seem to cut up but I just couldn't get any grip from them.
    I've decended the Cat & Fiddle &40-50 times in all weathers with no issues and yesterday was by far the very worst I've done (decending not the weather) it and that was with the Diamantes on.
    I like the Pro 3's but I wear them out so quick, my last rear went to the carcass in around 1500-2000 miles.
  • rakerake Posts: 3,204
    have you tried krylion tyres. if not lots of people say theyre worth a go.
  • shmoshmo Posts: 321
    Shmo wrote:
    Don't rate them either, or any Vittoria tyre to be honest. I've had Diamante, Rubino and Zaffiro and they all start cutting up and puncturing long before Vredesteins or Michelins. They make good inner tubes though.

    Couple of days after posting that I go out feeling all smug and secure out on a nearly new pair of fortezza tricomps and get the worst flat I've ever seen. A huge chunk of glass went straight through the middle of the tread, I can fit my finger through the hole. That'll teach me to open my stupid fat mouth.
  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    I've found Vittoria Diamante Pros to be excellent summer tyres - great grip, very light, roll-well - did the Cheshire cat on them - felt very secure when descending near lamaload ?? at 45 mph (it was dry though). Wouldn't use them in Winter (durability) - however, I wouldn't use Pro Race 3's in Winter either.
  • plowmarplowmar Posts: 1,032
    Previous posts have said that Vittoria tyres are not the best - dangerous by comparison - in the wet. That was just after I got my Bianchi with Vittorias on it.

    Have therefore used my winter bike whenever prolonged rain is due or has been and the Bianchi for damp / dry weather. Maybe mental but I just do not feel like putting 100% trust in them when roads wet.
  • thel33terthel33ter Posts: 2,684
    I've used Vittoria Zaffiro's for commuting all winter, the only time they've felt slippery was on the icy roads just after the snow, when they squirmed around a bit on climbs and descents, and one slidy lowside crash when I tried too hard on a corner. I've ridden them on gravel paths and through flooded roads covered with a few inches of water with no problems. And I've never had a puncture :D touch wood
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  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    plowmar wrote:
    Previous posts have said that Vittoria tyres are not the best -.

    Vittoria make some of the best tyres in the World - many International Pro Racing teams use Vittoria tyres. Cervelo Test Team, Garmin, Rabobank, Lampre, Euskatel Euskadi amongst others.
  • SplottboySplottboy Posts: 3,695
    When driving behind U23's few yrs back, best tyres for chucking up rain were the Contis, 4000 I think. Guy had the orange ones, but dont think this mattered.
  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    Vittoria's cheaper typres like the Rubino and certainly the Zaffiro have been known to have very hard compounds which are a benefit to long life and fewer cuts but man are they slick when it's wet and the road is dirty or oily like in the city.

    I used to commute on Rubino's - after I wore the last set out I gave up and got Conti 4000 25mms. Life's too short and too precious to ride censored tyres - it's the difference of £10 in most cases - nice tyres are only £22-24 - we spend that on 1 round of beer.

    Stop cheaping out with tyres - it's your most important interface on the bike to your environment - spend £50 and be done with it.
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