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Sorry guys,

I'm not the most technically minded person so forgive this stupid question but could someone please explain to me how i can put images on a forum post as i sure as hell can't figure it out.

Sarcastic comments are expected but if someone could help i would be most appreciative.


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    Get the address of your image then put Img tags around it (highlight address then press 'Img' above, second box from right when you're posting, like this but without the ... ) -

    [img]...%20 ...[/img]
  • Oh and remember you can't upload images directly from your computer to here. The image has to be already online. This can be from your blog or website or via free services like

    It can take a little getting used to but you can check your progress by using the preview box next to submit. That way, you should be able to avoid making unsuccessful posts.
  • mercsportmercsport Posts: 664
    If it's still unclear :
    online>(the page where you want to swipe the pic' from, or photobucket if it's one of your own you want to post) > right click the pic' > copy the url> in the post place cursor where you want the pic' > click 'img' > paste the url > click 'img' again > have a look to see if you scored in preview.
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