Minimum post-ride maintenance

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I'll set the scene. Early morning quick blast on the bike? Started dry but ended up in the rain so get home with one wet bike. What's the minimum that I need to do in order to keep it running well? Wipe down with an old towel? At weekend I don't mind giving it a good old sorting but in the week i've got maybe ten minutes.


  • Scrumple
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    blow the dust off
  • lae
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    If your chain got wet, then a quick wipe/lube/wipe is a good idea. Gets the grit and water off.
  • Scrumple
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    GT85 the chainset, to displace the water.

    Dry it out.

  • acidstrato
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    put it in the garage and convince yourself you'll do it next time

    it wont melt away after one wet ride, so much crap gets into the chain on dry rides that you dont even notice
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