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Porsche Spyder concept...

SplottboySplottboy Posts: 3,695
edited April 2010 in The bottom bracket
Car is about to built according to Yahoo News,, if the orders get to 1,000. At about 900 so far. Also claims it will be a cleaner drive than the Prius too.

WHY? If I'm buying a Supercar, I'd want everyone I pass by to die of exhaust fume poisoning, but with a smile on their face...

Still think the Audi Spyder is a nice, smoother, cleaner design though.


  • ProssPross Posts: 31,576
    I thought the Porsche Spyder was the prize in the current WTA tournament (with choice of cash instead?). I'd take the cash and put it towards an Aston Martin DBS myself :D
  • northernneilnorthernneil Posts: 1,549
    eeuuuurrrrrrmmm only one winner in the most beautiful car in the world at the moment

  • ChrisszChrissz Posts: 727
    A fatter censored than Jo Brand :(

    Aston DBS has it every time!!!
  • laelae Posts: 555
    I prefer the DB9 to the DBS. Much sleeker and smoother and less aggressive.

    Unless we're talking about the old DBS which might possibly be my dream car (as if I could ever narrow it down that much!)


    I bloody hate the Audi R8 though. It's too comfortable and too easy to live with.

    This isn't what I want in a performance car. I want it to smash my bones and deafen me every time I drive it, because otherwise I'd drive it every day, and then it wouldn't be special.

    Also in making it civilised, they've added weight and softer suspension, so you know that the design is compromised and it's not as fast as it could have been. A Caterham might be slower but it's as pure as you can get, and a much better performance car because of it.

    I also don't like the styling. The front end looks like any other Audi. The rear end looks like a blob. Maybe the Audi robots who design their cars just wanted a good aerodynamic shape to cover all of their clever/boring engineering. They added the slice of pure bling in the middle because *in Dalek voice* ERK THE HUMANS LIKE TO SEE NICE THINGS

    The interior really is the worst part of the car though - look at that transmission tunnel. It looks like it's from an early 90s Ford Scorpio - just a load of separate plastic tubs thrown together with a handy cutout for that shapeless grey lump that is the handbrake. And the switchgear is awful - huge aluminium billets just sticking out of a grey plastic slab, and I swear I've seen the same headlight switch on an early 90s Audi 100 - or maybe the R8 has an updated CF one for 'added lightness' on their comfortable soundproofed car. The gearstick gate looks like an ashtray. It's got asymetrical chunks sticking out of the dashboard surrounded by yet another slice of bling. The boot release is a bit of mismatched plastic sitting next to your knee - oh COME ON Audi. If you can't be bothered to hide it, at least try to make a feature out of it. It's not just a disappointingly lazy effort for such an expensive car, it's disappointing for ANY car. The interior in a Ford Mondeo looks nicer

    No, really, it does

    In fact, the interior on a Fiat 500 is nicer, and they're less than a tenth of the cost of a base-model R8.

    You could almost forgive it for having a cr!p interior if it was a cheap stripped bare-bones track car, but it isn't. You can say that style and taste is subjective, but massive gaps, recycled switchgear and mismatching plastics aren't anything to do with taste.
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