Marin Shoreline 2010

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HI all

Just bought my first MTB, Marin Shoreline Trail Disc, 2010. This was a real impulse buy and any real reviews for this bike seem to be non-existent. Anyone had any experience with this bike or know weather the frame is good enough to upgrade with?

It is a real joy to ride. I'll use it for light trails and roads but would like to experiment with rougher tracks.

Any information would be much appreciated. I suppose what i'm saying is i hope i havn't bought a dud! If it's worth the effort to upgrade then i'll be happy. lol.


  • whodini

    I am thinking about getting a Shoreline so could you give me/us an update please?
    I want it for exactly as you described light trails and road and will probably add rack and mud guards so will be looking at the vee brake version.
    I have got a ten year old Shoreline full sus which I have upgraded so decided the current hardtail Shoreline will be a good platform for future upgrades if required.
    Be grateful for your experience to date.
  • Hi there Pedal Bob.

    Thanks for your interest. The Shoreline Trail Disc has been great on road and light trails. Have been out on it most sundays, over the last 5 months, for about 5 hours at a time. About a month ago i ventured into Shorne Counrty Park, which offers both light, medium and challenging trails. I'm no expert but the bike performed very well even on medium trails.

    During wet days i found the mechanical disc brakes began squeeking quite a bit, but still braked reasonabally well. My main concern were the compound tyres that came with the bike. These never really made you feel confident off-road and didn't offer much suspension at the rear. So my first thought were to get better tyres, and also better handlebar grips.

    I had a bit of luck recently at my local bike shop, where i purchased my Marin. An employee there had purchased a Marin Eldridge Grade 2010 (white), and had decided to upgrade most of the parts to colour co-ordinate his frame.

    For a great price i purchased his wheels (high-roller tyres on mavic 117 rims, Hayes Stroker hydraulic brakes, wtb seat, FSA front stem, Lock on grips). These upgrades have been amazing, allowing me to try challenging track and its been great fun. Even without these upgrades it's still a great bike for road and light trails. Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.