Helmets - FLux or Hex

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Decided to get a new lid as my Giro one is gettin a bit long in the tooth now.

Want something that covers a bit more head than usual so was looking at either:

Giro Hex

Giro Xen

Fox Flux

Anyone got either and if so can you share your review or views on each helmet. Cheers
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  • supersonic
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    Whatever fits the best - try them on.
  • I've got a Hex and a Flux,

    I much prefer the flux, I'm not entirely sure why, I think maybe it just looks better.
    Also the Flux came with spare pads where as the Hex didn't. Giro pads are only a fiver a set and I've had 2 sets as they wear out and fall apart. The Flux ones are still as new though.

    However, the Hex is far better at holding my head light or camera, so it tends to be my winter lid.

    However, more important than any of that is the fit on your head, both are good helmets so just buy whichever one is going to be comfiest.
  • Northwind
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    Got a Hex and a Flux... Both very good, the fit is a little different though and the Flux fits me a little better so I almost always wear that now.

    I think the Hex is actually the better helmet... Much (MUCH!) smaller, the Flux is a bit of a monster. And though the Fox retention straps work better for me (they strap the helmet more around my head than on my head, if you know what I mean) they feel very cheap and fragile, and the chinstrap's forever getting twisted because of how it's mounted.

    Still, all that aside the Flux is still a great bit of kit and works very well. I love it for its stability, I've often got lights or a camera on and the Flux's shape is a disadvantage there but it just moves around so much less with weight on it, which is a huge bonus (doesn't sound like much but after a long ride with the camera on the Hex would rub me almost raw, it doesn't move much but it's just enough)

    Oh, and I hated the stupid rear wing, but it does come off easily enough. Though absurdly it's better attached than the peak.

    What a ramble. Get the one that fits best, failing that get the one you prefer the look of, which is surely the Hex ;)
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