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fredyfredy Posts: 308
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i have been riding around on my new bike, and its light and fast and nimble compared to my last bike but i just can't turn a corner as sharp as i used to be able to, or even pull a wheelie.
The new bike (fury) is really comfortable on non technical bits but i think it may be a bit too big for me. Its a 20" frame and i'm 6'2". My last bike was a 20" apollo.

Is this a physical issue or will it be something i get used to and can work with, over time?



  • captainflycaptainfly Posts: 1,001
    The turn in is probably a slacker head angle, so speed up and lean more. As for wheelies it is a more difficult reason why. Are you talking pedal wheelies, coasters or manuals?
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  • fredyfredy Posts: 308
    either, i just can't shift my weight back far enough to get wheel up.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Did it come with an outrageously long stem?
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  • MacAndCheeseMacAndCheese Posts: 1,944
    Northwind wrote:
    Did it come with an outrageously long stem?

    that's what I was thinking - if so you might want to try a 60mm or similar.
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  • fredyfredy Posts: 308
    all fine on the wheelie front, did one today (yay!). i just had to get used to the bike. The turing is improving too, but it feels very different. The tyres have a lot more grip so i can get closer to the ground, but the whole bike feels larger, its not what i'm used to. I think i need some body armour to give me to confidance to really push the bike to its limits so i know what its capable of.
  • Still, consider a shorter stem if you want to make the bike more reactive and nimble.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    a 20" bike is very large. I'm still not convinced anyone really needs a mountain bike that big, unless they're a basketball player. I much prefer to have a smaller frame that i can throw my weight around easier.
  • RockingDadRockingDad Posts: 239
    my old 20" frame on my old mountain bike looks stupidly small compared to my 20" fury frame. I'm 6' 1" so I think it's just a case of getting used to the different geometry of the frame. The handlebars are wider on th fury than my old bike and that took a bit of getting sued to as well.

    Great bike though!

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  • fredyfredy Posts: 308
    Cheers for the help guys, i will give the bike a month and see how i get on before getting a new stem, they cost alot.
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