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Identifying the brakes on my bike

thecremeeggthecremeegg Posts: 284
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Hi there, just bought my first bike, a hardrock sport and the front brake pads need replacing (it was from a mate) but I have no idea what model they are in order to buy the pads. I know they are shimano and they're mechanical disks but thats it, I cant see the model number on them anywhere! I assume that you cant just buy any shimano pads and that they need to be specific or is this not the case?



  • mf5mf5 Posts: 207
    Take the pads out and take them into your LBS, they should have a replacement set
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    If the brake looks like this
    Shimano pdf

    and the pads look like this
    Shimano pads

    The cheapest pads are here and if you dont like them you can send them back within 45 days. You want pad type S2
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  • thecremeeggthecremeegg Posts: 284



    These are what they look like if that helps. I cant tell from your pics stubbs as I'm a complete noob :oops:
  • 5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 401
    There willl be an m number on them somewhere,that'll be the model
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