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Cannock Chase car park

bambabamba Posts: 856
edited April 2010 in Routes
Can any one tell me what time the car park is open until at cannock, BV in the week ?
few of us going dwon after work, but usure about parking times,had a look on chase trails but cant see any thing.


  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    It's normally open dawn til dusk. You could always park up at MD if you are going to be out after dark.
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    Cheers, had 1830 in my head for some reason, unless thats just for winter times
  • John MooreJohn Moore Posts: 580
    Just park up on Marquis Drive, it's never closed and free
  • iain1775iain1775 Posts: 98
    dawn 'till dusk, but like others say Marquis Drive is always open and free (you join FTD at the old chainslapper section so get to do the new Tackeroo ending first)
    Or Style Cop or layby off the Rugely road are both closer for Monkey
  • AlexAlex Posts: 2,086
    The car park at Birches Valley is open until 8pm.

    I would recommend against parking at the pumping station. We've had to whilst we've been building the trail and we've had one car stolen, one trailer stolen and windows smashed/radios taken etc. It's a car crime hotspot. I would not leave my car there if I could help it.

    Chasetrails will always recommend that you begin your ride at Birches Valley Forest Centre. Not only does it mean you ride the trail the way we intended, with a great finish. The parking charge at Birches Valley goes towards paying for the trails and their upkeep. If you're a regular visitor, why not consider a Discovery Pass (see the forestry's website).

    For nightriding, you could park at the Horns Pub who welcome MTBers (even have a bikewash), or Marquis drive if you must.
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    parked up at BV , as you said so we could start at the start, and end at the end, got back about 9 oclock , still open, thank god
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    I guess there's some logic in starting at the start but ever since FtD has been open I have never started it from BV. I ride from home and used to head through Tackeroo and pick it up at the top of the Chainslapper but now I don't even have to cross Penkridge Bank.

    Thanks Chase Trails for building the start on 'my' side of the Chase :D
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