Family friendly sportive or ride

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I'm on the look out for a family friendly sportive type event, but I'm not sure they exist!

Our two children (5 & 4) are both on a trailer bike now and love going out for a ride with Mum & Dad. They will happily do a 20 mile ride, and maybe a little bith further if we had a nice stop for lunch in the middle!

While we go and find our own routes it would be great if there was an organised ride/sportive we go do. But one which was suited to families i.e. shorter routes. We did a 20 mile charity ride for my sons school today with about 600 riders involved and the kids loved being part of a big ride.

Anyone have any suggestions or places to look?
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  • I'm still new to this sportive lark, but the Evans Ride It! series offer fun rides which would seem suitable from what you describe.

    They are about 15 milers I think. Quite cheap too, but then you don't get a t-shirt at the end of it. Maybe you could just buy one for the kids anyway!

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post links, but googling it should bring it to the top of the list.

    Have a nice summer riding with the family.