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Genesis Core 30, 2009

coltcolt Posts: 173
edited April 2010 in Your mountain bikes
Here's my 2009 genesis core 30 delivered fri morning, my first proper hardtail, when the girlfriend rung to tell me it had arrived I couldn't wait to get home from work,felt like a kid at christmas!
Here it is after taking out of the box and taking off all the reflectors etc, although this included taking off the included cycra guard front mudguard which was a nice touch as I brought this primarily as a winter/ mud bike. (click the pictures for bigger piccies)


and another photo after it's first proper outing round cannock chase this morning, certainly different to riding my full suss, although as you can see from the 'tide marks' on the forks I managed to use every last mm of the 130 mm travel! :lol:
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  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
    looks great. must be good for general trail and xc riding
  • coltcolt Posts: 173
    It is, I had an absolute blast round cannock this morning , really pleased with it,
    only trouble is I've now created the dilemma do I take the hardtail or full suss!??
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  • Happy HarryHappy Harry Posts: 345
    That's a nice looking bike. It looks like it means business.
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  • coltcolt Posts: 173
    Well from looking at all the reinforcing and gusset plates around the head / downtube it should be able to take far more abuse than my limited skills will be able to dish out, though I shall be giving it my all again wednesday evening at cannock.

    Only real fault I could pick with it was the brakes weren't too good at first, they seemed to take along time to bed in, although this seems to be a common complaint with the shimano 575 brakes, they did seem to pick up a little by the end of the first outing though, The monkey trails downhills must have helped em bed in!

    One things for sure though, after two years exclusively riding full suss I'll never take rear suspension for granted again, never realised just quite how much it ironed out bumpy trails :shock:
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