Training for 60 ish miler (onroad)

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OK I started (more seriously) my training for the Castle 100 (km) in 4 weeks time - I'm doing it on an mtb hence post herein.

Today I had breakfast (4 weetabix/tea) did something else for an hour then went for the ride (with just water in the backpack to keep me going).

Did just over 30 miles in 2 hours 8 mins. Got off bikes, nearly collapsed, but had fairly quick recovery.

Had breadrolls (with cheese) for lunch.

So, what

a) should have I had for breakfast
b) should I have taken for rehydration/energy
c) should I have had for lunch

Cheers for replies


  • a/ full English
    b/ couple of pints or 3

    Seriously, I think it's more about building your fitness/endurance rather than what you eat/drink, as long as you take on enough liquid and a little something to munch on a 2 hour ride should be no problem.
    Personally for a 2 hour ride (if it's not scorching) I would manage fine without much more than the odd slurp, as long as I had plenty to drink before the start.