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Rocky Mountain Altitude ... upgrades !

BigAirNigBigAirNig Posts: 296
edited April 2010 in Your mountain bikes

My newly upgraded Rocky Mountain ....... almost my dream machine !

140mm travel front & rear

Weights in at 25 1/2 lbs
Helped by the American Classic MTB 26 Wheelset
Maxxis High Roller Kevlar bead tyres
XT rear Mech & Cassette
Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost
SDG Bel Air RL Ti railed saddle
Hope Seatpost clamp
Formula ORO K24 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Rocky Mountain Altitude 50 (+ upgrades.....!)


  • BigAirNigBigAirNig Posts: 296
    edited May 2010

    2010 Race Face Next Carbon Chainset - with Turbine Chainrings

    Hope Bottom Bracket

    Shimano XTR pedals


    American Classic Wheels with 15mm Thru Axle
    Rocky Mountain Altitude 50 (+ upgrades.....!)
  • BigAirNigBigAirNig Posts: 296
    edited April 2010

    Chris King Headset

    Thomson Elite X4 Stem - 90mm

    Easton Monkeylite XC Bars


    Lizard Skin 'Peaty' Lock-On grips
    Rocky Mountain Altitude 50 (+ upgrades.....!)
  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
    beautuful. although some white fox forks with custom red fox stickers instead of the grey fox forks would look even better
  • BigAirNigBigAirNig Posts: 296
    Yeah - but these forks came with the bike and they work a treat, so not going to change them for some time ! Only had the bike a short while and the upgrades were just to personalise it - all be it that I changed more than originally planned!!
    Rocky Mountain Altitude 50 (+ upgrades.....!)
  • lovely bike and the race face cranks look really good
    I assume this is French petrol - be careful in reverse - the car will retreat rapidly at the least provocation.
  • BigAirNigBigAirNig Posts: 296
    Cheers - I went out for a ride today and loved them ..... really stiff and responsive, plus the rings shift really well too !
    Rocky Mountain Altitude 50 (+ upgrades.....!)
  • ctrlaltdelctrlaltdel Posts: 114
    Meh, it's ok I guess. Nothing too special.
    Seriously though, that a really great looking bike.
    I've got the same wheels as it happens; they sure get rolling quickly don't they?
  • AlienmanAlienman Posts: 91
    It came with that grey fork? Would think that they would be able to color code better than that. See white Fox forks everywhere so its not like they would be hard for Rocky Mountain to put on.
    Still a nice bike though.
    '09 Rocky Mountain Fusion
  • BigAirNigBigAirNig Posts: 296
    Yes I agree .... the 2010 model of my bike comes in blue and white, rather than red and white ... but the forks are white with a blue writing on.....

    The more expensive carbon framed 70 - comes in the same colour frame as mine with grey forks ...... so it appears they simply like to mix it up a bit !
    Rocky Mountain Altitude 50 (+ upgrades.....!)
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    lovely bike there and the silver forks look great imo :)
  • Scalpel_79Scalpel_79 Posts: 147
    why "almost dream machine"?- this thing rocks!
  • BigAirNigBigAirNig Posts: 296
    Yeah - in all the important areas it is pretty much my dream machine .... unless I ever manage to move up to the carbon framed version ......

    Lowered only by the SLX shifters and front mech !! So whilst they work well, I may get better shifting if I change the shifters, or at least some comments I have read on-line indicate the XTR's are awesome......

    So, would love some XTR shifters .... also considering a Selle Italia Flite XC gel flow saddle, but seeing how I get on with the Bel Air first, moved across from my road bike, where I did not get on with it, but think that was down to poor seatpost angle adjustment, whereas my Thomson post is easy to adjust to any angle......
    Rocky Mountain Altitude 50 (+ upgrades.....!)
  • wilkij1975wilkij1975 Posts: 530
    How do you fin the wheels? I really like the look off them but know nothing about them really.
  • BigAirNigBigAirNig Posts: 296 ... f709caf9ca

    Link to the wheels above ..... American Classic MTB 26 for the manufacturer's site .....

    They are really nice wheels and a good alternative to some others. I wanted a light wheelset and nearly got a set of Hope Hoops with Pro3 hubs but they have a rider weight limit and I'm more than that .... so as these are a standard 32 spoke build they have more strength and still very light. I have read many good comments on line about them too .....

    They ride very well ....... if you are considering a light wheelset that is also strong, don't think twice!

    I actually run mine with tubes at the moment.
    Rocky Mountain Altitude 50 (+ upgrades.....!)
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