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Bike Stolen - South Shields

dragosanidragosani Posts: 3
edited September 2010 in MTB stolen
Hi all,

Brother had his Orange P7 bike stolen from parents back garden last night - South Shields, Tyne and Wear.

Hand built and the rear sprocket was bust (broke it that day).

It is white in colour and has lots of custom addons....

Please keep an eye out for people selling one/ear to the ground please.

Also, where do people fence/sell these bikes after they steal them? Really need to find these scumbags if possible...

Thanks all.

[email protected] if any info arises - thanks


  • MeddlEMeddlE Posts: 322
    ebay and gumtree normally. The police wont do anything about any listings as it's "circumstantial evidence" apparently, you are better off sorting it out yourself.
  • tptvmbircntptvmbircn Posts: 782
    I can keep an eye out, live in sunderland, any pics? if i see it i can approach who ever is riding it, i hate scumbag theives,
  • renkorenko Posts: 61
    Aye cheers, pic available here: 4550792800

  • MeddlEMeddlE Posts: 322
    What you meant to do was;

  • renkorenko Posts: 61
    Cheers, not sure why that didn't work - used tags etc?

  • tptvmbircntptvmbircn Posts: 782
    I'll keep an eye out, like they say keep an eye on gumtree, ebay possibly the echo / gazzette here too
  • renkorenko Posts: 61
    Also might be an idea to look out for any suspicious eBay / forum sales for the following spec:

    There'll be a reward for return of bike 'cause as you can see it'll be a pain to recreate this little lot!

    Orange P7 2010 17" frame in White
    Rockshox 2008 Revelation forks w/poploc - black (Muc-Off sticker on rear right stanchion)
    Bontrager Race Lite Wheelset + Bontrager Jones ACX / Mud X tyres
    Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon handlebars
    SRAM X-0 Carbon rear derailleur
    SRAM X-0 Carbon gear shifters
    Shimano XTR front derailleur
    Bontrager Race Lite crankset - silver
    Truvativ GXP bottom bracket
    Race Face chainrings 44/32/22 - silver
    FSA carbon seatpost - black(ish)
    FSA Orbit MX headset - white
    Fizik Gobi XM saddle - black/red, v.unusual
    Hayes HFX9 Carbon brakeset + discs
    SRAM PG980 Cassette + SRAM 9 speed chain
    ODI Rogue lock-on grips - black + black collars
    Shimano M770XT SPD pedals

    ps. rear main freehub is broke so back wheel useless at minute.

    Anything look suspicious let me know - appreciate it.

  • renkorenko Posts: 61
    And here we go again - my brother's bike was also stolen Sunday night (06/06/10) - obviously targeted as they would've seen it when they nicked mine.

    Feckin scumbags, police not bothered they're censored , need some peeps to keep eyes open.

    Was a Black Carrera Fury 20" with distinctive Silver Shimano Crankset (aftermarket replacement, as Fury's come with all black chainset as standard).

    Pi***s me right off, police should know who's dealing in stolen bikes surely?

    Anyway, appreciate any heads up for this or my P7...

  • QuirrelQuirrel Posts: 235
    I would suggest visiting local small independent bike shops, especially ones that deal in second hand parts/bikes and see what they have in stock.
  • dwilldwill Posts: 150
    will keep a look out in the beamish area for both
  • thedirgethedirge Posts: 181
    Very sorry mate, hate this censored . Keep mine in the loft now its so bad.
    Consequences.... are just a harmless by-product of having a good time, all the time.

    Thinking about things isn't the same as doing things. Otherwise everybody would be in jail.
  • renkorenko Posts: 61
    Just an update peeps - if people in the South Shields area can keep a lookout for my custom Orange P7 it would be appreciated - Police caught the scumbag on another robbing job and he admitted to the theft (only for him to recant it later under solicitors advice at court - he was, apparently still smacked off his head when he admitted!).

    He also admitted to selling it in a South Shields pub - Police wouldn't say which one, so there is a good chance that it could be lurking around the streets.

    I'd appreciate any news on sightings (can't be too many white P7's knocking about) from folk in the area. I know it's a long shot people, but you never know…

  • As a white p7 owner living in south shields i'm half expecting to get chased down the street by you and your brother next time I go out.I had to get mine from Hexham,so like you said can't be many in this area.Will keep a look out.
    should of used giantorangecannon
  • renkorenko Posts: 61
    Ha :D

    As long as frame number doesn't read M9045276 we'll let you live;-)

    Cheers for the lookout fella - appreciate it 8)
  • ValyValy Posts: 1,321
    NO censored way!!

    Man, sorry to hear this stuff.
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