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90's Saracen X-Tort DJ. (09.05.2010)

The Northern MonkeyThe Northern Monkey Posts: 19,174
edited May 2010 in Your mountain bikes
Well.... Its running sweet now.
All it *really* needs is some wheels, which i'm hopefully going to source next payday (Friday).... after some Halo's in black :)

And I should probably service the fork... getting some rigids for now, but it means I can take the Z1's off and give them a thorough service... they haven't been opened since they were bought in 2001!

09.05.2010 - Front Halo SAS wheel added!

Frame: Saracen X-Tort Team
Forks: Marzocchi Bomber Z1 FR 2001
Bars: Tioga
Stem: Tioga
Headset: Raceface
Grips: DaBomb
Bar Ends: n/a

Front Brake Lever assy: n/a
Front Caliper: n/a
Front disc: n/a
Rear Brake Lever assy: Hayes Stroke Trail
Rear Caliper: Hayes Stroke Trail
Rear Disc: Hayes Stroke Trail 160mm
Hoses: Hayes Stroke Trail

Shifters: n/a
Cables: n/a
Front Mech: n/a
Rear Mech: n/a
Chain Device: DMR Tension seeker

Seat: Spank Starblast
Seat Post: Kalloy
Seat Post Clamp: generic

Cranks: Hone
Chainring(s): DMR
Chain: Yes it has one
Cassette: SS 16T cog
Pedals: Gusset slim jim
Bottom Bracket: Shimano Deore HT2

Front Wheel: Halo
Rim: Halo SAS
Spokes: Halo?
Hub: Halo Sin Doctor
Tube: Halfords
Tire: DMR Moto RT

Back Wheel: Sh*t
Rim: Sh*t
Spokes: Sh*t
Hub: Sh*t
Tube: Halfords
Tire: DMR Moto RT


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