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hey guys, im looking to at some point upgrade my saracen mantra frame to something abit newer, lighter and all round better.

all the components have been done so its just a case of what frame to put all my bits onto :) if u have any other suggestions my budget is about £350 or £400, for mostly xc, but with flexibility to do most stuff :)

cheers guys


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    What travel have you got in mind though. Duster is a straight up 100mm job i think.
  • cotic Soul, on one Inbred (more XC orientated) are the two that spring to mind in the price range not on the poll!
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  • ive got rock shox tora 318's so that sort of travel really
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    Lighter? I doubt any of your choices are lighter than what you have.
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    Is there a reason for the specific bikes on your list, have you looked at a Pipedream sirius, Sanderson Life or rock Lobster, all these are quality frames and would suit a 100mm folk.
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  • no specific reasons, i just knew that they fitted my budget and seemed to get good reviews :) cheers for the extras,
  • Pudseyp
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    The 456 and BluePig are out of the running then as they really need a 140mm fork...the Rock Lobster is a great frame in Alloy but they also do a Steel.

    Why steel if your looking to go lighter ?? the Cove Handjob or a On One Scandal would also be a good buy great frames on a 100mm fork (get a 09 Cove over a 2010 as they have changed the tubing)

    Another cheap but nice looking frame is the Dirty Jo Semi Creme...you can get these new for £90.00
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  • Northwind
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    On One Scandal? Not steel, but light, rides lovely with 100mm, and has a nice comfortable ride to it (I reckon most people who believe the "steel is flexy/aluminium is stiff" chat would think the Scandal is steel)
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    Definatly look at the cove handjob.

    It's a steel XC hardtail designed for 100mm travel (can take up to 130mm I think) and I have heard of some people using them for FR (5 foot drops etc.) and having no troubles