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Ribble Centaur Carbon & Wheel Theft - Sandy, Bedfordshir

IronmanTimIronmanTim Posts: 2
edited April 2010 in Road stolen
Some Lowlife broke into my shed last night and stole my training bike along with about 4 road wheels of various types including my Rear Planet X Pro Carbon 50 wheel.

Locations: Sandy Bedfordshire
Stolen between 1am and 5:30am on 24th April 2010

What is distinctive about the bike is that it was a blue Ribble Audax frameset with Centaur Carbon throughout - quite an unsual combination. It also had the polar power system for the 625x/725x HRM fitted.


Also the PX50 wheel is Campag fitting (which they don't make anymore) with a Vittoria Rubino Tub on. It had no cassette on the wheel. Again this would be an unusual combination to find up for sale (unless I see some pikey riding his mountainbike with it on).

Luckily my Race bike happened to be inside the house last night which was the only saving grace.
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