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I did have a cycling weekly account but I managed to break it while working abroad somehow, anyway as i posted on there:-

Ive been riding on and off for the past 20 years, used to race a bit in my younger days but have given that up as a young mans game now.Family and career make it difficult to justify having to have a week off to recover if I crash when racing guys half my age.I have never been one of these obsessive types who thinks of cycling above all else and have been less active recently due to career and family. I have always been an advocate of cycling amongst friends and family. Never really been attracted to the local club scene, politics, silly in-fighting and obsessive behavior are not particularly attractive I find.
Hopefully I can make a contribution on this forum where I feel my experience may help.


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    I should add that I am aware of the issues that some forum members have with people who don't like cycling clubs and so I will make it clear that I don't like clubs and I think that anyone who feels the need to be on a club commitee is the least suitable person to be on a club commitee. I prefer to ride my bike and not get involved in that side of things.
    case in point is my local clubs secetary who found a member had had issues with an earlier club and so went out of his way to cause problems for that member in his new club, resorting to all kinds of unpleasantness for reasons of his own.I don't know all the ins and outs of it but I do know that it revolves around someone who is a local cycling hero there were unfounded claims made and it all got out of hand.
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    Hmmm first two posts and making rambling nonsensical rants against clubs...

    Jezmo, is that you?
    You live and learn. At any rate, you live
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    it's Jezmo again.....

    Proof - if any was needed - that care in the community does not work. Mainly because in Jezmo's case, people simply don't care....
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    Here we go again...
  • It can't be.....come on Jezmo....give it up!
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    Another thrilling episode!

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