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right then did a search but couldnt find any up to date advice, and i have read the reviews but i want experienced riders input please.............

looking for a new lid, and as i dont want to try and buy a new head in the near future i want to get a really decent helmet.

Now i am looking at

Kask K
Catlike Whisper
Giro Atmos
Giro Ionos
Specialized S Works

I want to know what every thinks of their lid, how long they've had it, how many miles they ride in one session.

I am training pretty hard so want something that doesnt make my head cook, and is a good looking lid..........

i'm sick of reading comments like "this is a brilliant helmet, but this one has this, and that one makes me a cake as i ride blah blah blah"

so come on then, whats the best lid i can get with my 99-150 budget?

if anyone knows a helmet that makes cake then that would be good!


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    I have the Giro Ionos (it was a gift), cool, light, comfy. However my vote is for the Specialized, these are the only helmets generally available in the UK that meet the SNELL standards (tougher than eu standards, they test items from the shop shelf rather than supplied by the manufacturer, and the tests use about twice the impact force c/w eu). The helmets are not labelled as being SNELL tested but an enquiry I made to Specialized UK conformed that they were SNELL.

    (assuming it fits and is comfy - that must be a prerequisite).
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    Got the Ionos too, it's venting works very well and is most comfortable helmet that i've had. And for me it looks the best from those in your list, though thats going to be a personal thing. S works helmet is ugly as sin from the back.
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    Sorry to throw a spoke in the works, but you really should consider the Lazer Genesis.
    The fit system means that it fits almost any shaped head. In effect it's a custom fit. They are comfortable, stylish and cool in warm weather. I've tried Specialised, Giro, and many other helmets over the years, and this is by far the best!
    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Lazer ... 360047646/
    If you search around, you should be able to get it more cheaply than this.
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    The one that feels like you're not wearing one.
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    not too bulky, good/fast/comfortable system to snug it onto your head

    pads are attached with velcro so easy to take out for cleaning, it comes with spare pads and also a liner for winter

    last year i was in the algarve in august, in the midday sun my head was cool but nothing else was

    but you still need to try the fit, people say the fit of the ionos is different to the atmos, and i'm sure all the others will be different

    no substitute for standing in the shop and trying them for comfort
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  • I can only comment on the helmet I have recently bought which is the Kask K10. I have found this to be an excellent helmet. The adjustment (both up and down and by a dial to tighten) makes it very easy to fit to your head and it is easy to forget you are wearing it. I have also found that it keeps my head cool very well. I have now worn it for the Flanders sportive, Richardsons Rumble and some training rides of up to 130 miles in the recent warm weather.

    I would not recommend getting the Sky colours as I'm not sure how they can justify charging an extra £30 for this. Sky colours didn't match my club kit anyway so I went for the red, white and carbon version.

    Another bonus is that I haven't seen anyone else with one yet although I'm sure that will soon change judging by the number of people who have asked to try mine.

    There was also an excellent review in Cycling Plus this month which had the K10 as Editors Choice I think.
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    I'm curious, have you tried any of these on? I'd always believed the first most crucial criteria is that it fits and fits well, confirmed by shaking your head while wearing it and checking to see if it moves.

    That being said, I'm surprised that you're including Catlike and Giro in the same mix. In my experience certain brands have similar properties while another are subtly different, resulting in some brands working for one person and not another. General if a Catlike fits a person, then in all likelihood so will Las and MET, but not Giro? Times change and so could this? But having bought a new helmet recently this worked out to still be the case (for me).

    My choice was a Met Stradivarius. I find it much cooler (and significantly lighter!) than my previous helmet (a Catlike) and so had to resort to wearing a bandana for the morning commute. I have a suspicion that it will be very well ventilated for the summer.

    PS Spelling mistakes are a feature
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    For me - they are all much of a muchness. Similar weights and ventilation. You'd not be able to tell them apart.

    Fit is the thing - so just go off that.
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    Got the Atmos, not impressed. Met fits my head better, you need to try some on as everyone has their own preferance.
  • Got a late 2008 Specialized S-Works 2D Helmet in medium Black, will actually fit a small but it was a christmas present and i'd already worn it before i realised.

    very light and airy, not crash tested it and dont intend to. would certainly recomend.

    PS: i dont ride specialized bikes and have not been brainwashed.
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    Definitely give the new Catlike Whisper plus a try if you're getting to fit helmets. I had a Giro, have bought a Catlike. What a difference. Definitely fits better, lighter and VERY cool, need a liner in the winter and early spring mornings!
    Looks completely different from anything else too.
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    I'm in the same situation, I need a new summer helmet and am thinking of the Giro Atmos/Ionos and also the Bell Sweep. For me, the fit will determine the puchase.

    I tried on a Catlike Vacuum and didn't like the way it felt. Never tried a Whisper must admit.

    FWIW the Spesh helmets might be Snell approved (whoopy di!) but my god they are UGLY.
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    Well the weekend passed with a purchase of La Casque!

    after going to a range of shops i went to a nice independant shop in bristol (Strada - North st) and tried on the two condenters, the Giro Atmos and Specialized S-Works, and i went for the Atmos. The specialized was heavier, and you could feel it when it was on, the padding wasnt as comfortable and the Giro just felt better quality.

    Also it might be worth noting that the Specialized S-works (formerly known as the 2D) is a dual density helmet, which is chosen to reduce weight, the display helemt showed a massive amount of marks on the lighter/softer density section of the helmet. This might not bother some people, but i want to be able to throw mine in my kit bag on event days without worry anout damaging it.

    So came the real test of actually heading out on to the roads and getting a training session done.

    Saturday involved a 10k run and then straight on the bike for a 20mile fast pace training ride on a flat route. And with the nice warm summer like weather we had the run got my pretty warm so when i put the Atmos on i was hoping the cooling would be as good as people had mentioned, and it was

    Avg 19.5mph over the ride the airflwo through the helmet was brilliant, although the pesky flies also enjoy the vents a llittle too much!

    Sunday was a 35 mile ride with a few climbs, and at no point did my head feel too hot, or uncomfortable

    My final verdict -

    For money, quality, weight and looks, get the Atmos

    For SNELL rating, it it matters that much, get the specialized.

    thanks for all the advice, helped me greatly.
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    Who's your favourite pro?

    What helmet does he wear?

    Job done. :P
  • LAS Squalo is better than all of those IMO
    Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
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    Ionos for me Ive only had it since the weekend but the fit (Im a Small) was so similar to my xen mtb helmet I knew it was the one for me once Id tried it on.

    Bit dissapointed it doesnt come with a hard case for the money, the xen did...
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    I love the Catlike Whisper- takes abit of getting used to due to its style, but its really light and has fantastic venting
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    Ionos, its a beaut' of a helmet!
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    Too late now but my uvex F1? is perfect hardly know I have it on alongside it being very cooling, - not a winter lid then without an inner cap.
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    I currently have a Mt Stradivarius - and I try not to wear it at all during the summer!

    I find it far too hot for me - it feels like there's not enough venting low down on the brim. If I'm going hard I end up with sweat literally running down the front/sides of my head (much more so than when I wear just a bandanna).

    Consequently, at the moment I only wear it for events.