Thanks to the Team Madigan bloke who saved me from the PF!

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Forgot to mention this on Tuesday:

Got a flat tyre on tuesday morning, halfway to work. (4 miles to go!)

Realised I forgot to re-pack my spare inner tube. No problem I thought, I have a patch kit, itll take a bit longer but I can patch the tube and be on my way.

Took the tyre off to find the valve had ripped off where it meets the tube. Drat. Time to push.

Couple of miles later, coming through Duncrue Industrial estate, a guy on a Hybrid (Giant escape I think....) and wearing a Team Madigan top stops and gives me his spare tube, and has a quick chat!

Top guy, total lifesaver, had a smile on my face all day after that - if thats the sort of people in the club, then it speaks volumes for Team Madigan in carrickfergus!

I cant access their forum in work to post a thankyou up there, but ill try tonight :) Thought I would post here on the off chance a member would see it anyway!
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