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I run a volunteer group which does trail maintenance on my local tracks, all above board and with the support of the landowners. While we're mostly content to beaver away in the shadows doing our thing, ocasionally we do have a special event - it might be a big dig day with food and prizes for the trail builders, a meeting for people to give feedback on what we've been doing, or a fundraising event. Obviously when we any of these things we want as many people to know about it as possible, so I fire off press releases to a few of the bigger websites, complete with photo, release date, etc.

Yet, while I must have done this three or four times, I've never had one make it to the front page of this website. I realise we're just a small local group, and we may not be as exciting to the average reader as getting an extra cog at the back, but the trails here (Bristol) get LOTS of use (plus I've spotted them in MBUK more than once over the years) and having somewhere decent to ride plays as much of a part in the UK MTB scene as the bikes, kit and events that make up the news section.

It's not just me either, there are guys doing similar things all over the country at Cannock, Gisburn, etc. yet from looking at your front page you'd hardly know they exist. I tend to end up waiting and waiting for news stories to appear, then end up having to post them on the forum, where they promptly disappear beneath the usual flood of "what tyres for trail centres" type stuff.

Anyway, yours, frustrated, etc. :wink:
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