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  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
  • petejukpetejuk Posts: 235
    Andy Schleck please.
  • stfc1stfc1 Posts: 505
    Gilbert for me, please. If he doesn't win, it won't be for lack of trying.
  • Neil McCNeil McC Posts: 625
    I too am going to go for Gilbert.
  • Valv
    "A cyclist has nothing to lose but his chain"

    PTP Runner Up 2015
  • thomasmcthomasmc Posts: 814
  • ratsbeyfusratsbeyfus Posts: 2,841
    Contador please.

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

  • ridgeriderridgerider Posts: 2,845
    edited April 2010
    Oscar Freire
    or rather
    Menchov please
    Half man, Half bike
  • I figure if I keep picking him eventually I will be right (hopefully the fourth time is the charm)

    Alexandr Kolobnev
  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    Gilbert please
  • LangerDanLangerDan Posts: 6,132
    Gilbert, please
    'This week I 'ave been mostly been climbing like Basso - Shirley Basso.'
  • ArkibalArkibal Posts: 850
    Evans please
  • josamejosame Posts: 1,119
    You'll hate me .....

    'Do not compare your bike to others, for always there will be greater and lesser bikes'
  • DaveyLDaveyL Posts: 5,167
    Gilbert please.
    Le Blaireau (1)
  • cameronecamerone Posts: 1,232
    pip gilbert please.....
  • tforondatforonda Posts: 1,193
    Alberto Contador please
  • jimycooperjimycooper Posts: 740
    gilbert please
  • Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
    Andy Schleck
    Cheers afx
  • inkyfingersinkyfingers Posts: 4,400
    Gilbert please
    "I have a lovely photo of a Camargue horse but will not post it now" (Frenchfighter - July 2013)
  • I went for Andy Schleck for both the Amstel and Fleche Wallone. Both times he flattered to deceive towards the end, then sat back as Frank got in a move, then his brother got reeled in and he did nothing. My head is telling me to give up on him, but like a foolish gambler I feel I've got to keep plugging away otherwise it was all for nothing. Plus if I don't back him this time and he wins I'll be really p1ssed off. So:

    Andy Schleck
  • FJSFJS Posts: 4,820
    Gilbert, s'il vous plait
  • timoid.timoid. Posts: 3,133
    Damiano Cunego
    It's a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired.
  • graham56graham56 Posts: 634


    It`s a state of mind.
  • StefanPStefanP Posts: 429
    I'll have to go with A. Schleck as well , but he hasn't been that impressive in the Amstel gold, but maybe he will have more drive this time round, since he won it last time ;)
  • calvjonescalvjones Posts: 3,850
    Roche, ta.

    Strava is not Zen.
  • Robb0Robb0 Posts: 90
    Gilbert please.
  • CumulonimbusCumulonimbus Posts: 1,730
    Gilbert please
  • eheh Posts: 4,854
    Cunago, please.
  • HenrySHenryS Posts: 104
    Gilbert please.
  • Oz ChiefOz Chief Posts: 176
    Contador for me please
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