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Cube AMS 125 RX

steviek198steviek198 Posts: 5
edited May 2010 in Your mountain bikes
Just got a shiny new cube today, couldnt help but notice there were barely any pics of this bike online so thought i'd rectify that.







  • its gorgeous bike,how does it ride?
    I assume this is French petrol - be careful in reverse - the car will retreat rapidly at the least provocation.
  • AlienmanAlienman Posts: 91
    Cubes have a very racey look to them whenever I see pictures of them. Forgive my ignorance if they are supposed to since I don't know much about the brand.
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  • I only just got it today so ill give it a good test on saturday and get back to you.
    Really pleased with how it looks (even better in the flesh) i think the black anodised version looks tidy too.
  • Very nice, currently trying to decide between one of these and an Elixr r version. You mind me asking what made you pick this specific one?
  • I looked at the ams pro elixir r as well, but i thought that the 125 rx was outstanding value with the extra travel fox talas and xt gear. I had a bit of a mare trying to get my head round the pictures and descriptions!
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Alienman wrote:
    Cubes have a very racey look to them whenever I see pictures of them. Forgive my ignorance if they are supposed to since I don't know much about the brand.
    They're a German company, been on the go for ~15 years or so, just starting to take off in the UK market

    They have a pretty comprehensive range of bikes from road & leisure to XC race, trail, DJ etc

    alloy, carbon & Ti frames, great looking bikes, ride pretty good too.
  • Gilesw2010Gilesw2010 Posts: 121
    I'd be interested on how it rides too. I really like the Cube models and am seriously looking at getting this model as well.
  • Nice, bit different to the endless sea of Orange/Specialized etc. Actually saw a Fritzz out on the trails today, nice looking bike for sure :)
    Paul B

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  • Cube also have a 'No marble floor policy' for the offices etc, Keep everything basic and spend the cash on the bikes and equipment rather than the advertising like some other brands do, Hence why you dont see or hear much about them!

    they are Stunning bikes, Lbs has the black and white and black and green ams100's in, they are o nice in the flesh!

    the 125 is the nuts though! I'd love one!
    After all, I am Cornish!
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  • Took it out for the first ride today and am over the moon with the bike. Set the shocks up to accomodate my beer gut and they were awesome. The pro pedal was great on the ascents, infact the bike climbed really nicely on the whole. Coming down the other side was a pleasure with the 140mm. Really happy with the rx brakes thought they were very responsive (given they havent been worn in). The only thing i changed about the bike was to cut 20mm off each end of the bars as i thought they felt a little wide. I got the 18" frame and thought the ride position was very comfortable. So its safe to say im a very happy boy.
  • EuroWarriorEuroWarrior Posts: 10
    what a bike!! looks good and rides very well...
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