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lmhlmh Posts: 11
edited April 2010 in Your mountain bikes
Hi, more of a lurker than a poster, just wanted to show off my rides.
The 60 mile a week (off road) commuter....
2010 Hardrock
....And my weekend bike
2008 Stumpjumper ht

Thanks for looking...


  • That is one tidy garden!
  • JamesBrckmnJamesBrckmn Posts: 1,360
    ...and the bikes are tidy too!

    why don't you use the stumpy for the commute?
  • R.lepechaR.lepecha Posts: 67
    too clean, get out on them!
  • lmhlmh Posts: 11
    I bought the Hardrock out of paranoia!
    Not the most secure bike rack at work and amongst the toys R us bikes the stumpy stood out like a sore thumb! The hardrock being black blends in better & is less desirable to scumbags. (I hope)
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