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Hi. I currently have a Giant SCR 3 (2008) and am looking to upgrade some of the parts. First on my list was going to be wheels, but I am on a limited budget so what cheapish wheels would give me the most noticeable difference? The current ones are Alex DA22 rims with Formula hubs, but they are awful!

Secondly, is it worth upgrading the groupo to 105, or am I better to save the pennies and buy a new bike in the future, or a 2nd hand bike with better spec.?



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    Have a read on this subject:

    Some useful advice there.
    Planet X RT-57 custom build
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    Forget the wheels, they're fine. Tyres make a noticable difference whilst saving for some really nice hoops 8) :wink:
  • Cheers Daimler. STEFANOS4784, I have had both wheels trued on numerous occasions, and getting pretty fed up of it now, hence the reason for buying new ones. But will definitely be getting some new tires.
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    In that case Planet x model b, plenty ride them and recommend them and they're cheap, mine arrived today and they look great for the money, or if you're looking for super strong i hear the model c's are good :)
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    Some Planet X model B wheels for £99 and some lighter tyres and tubes will make the most noticeable difference (reducing revolving weight makes the bike accelerate and climb faster). I saved nearly 1kg over stock wheels and tyres that came on a Trek 1.2, the difference in the bike was amazing!

    Upgrading the groupset will be expensive, the main difference would be going from 8 to 10 speed and not having the thumb buttons on the Sora shifters, but there would be a negligible performance improvement. You could change the shifters, chain and cassette if you want to go 10 speed, the chainset and mechs should work fine (and Sora brakes are okay), although buying a full groupset may be better value for money than buying shifters, chain, cassette alone.

    When I upgraded the Trek wheels I got some s/h 9 speed Ultegra shifters for £30, and a new SRAM cassette and chain, probably £75-£80 for shifters cassette and chain - works great.