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Hi all,

And site looks great...!

I have just been offered a px for my old Land rover discovery karnac...
I was offered a good price for it but have a couple of choices to make but i am new to all this so need your advice please..?

The first bike i was offered is a MERIDA MATTS 10-V ( 2010 matt grey )
The 2nd bike was a DAWES XC1.2 (2009) blue

They both looked nice in the shop but what is the best one for your money guys..?


  • Bicyclo
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    get the merida dawes are horrible 8)
  • nikstar1
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    I think I would go for the Merida - especially in matt black - very nice!

    Make sure you try the bikes out and take them for a test ride as you should know almost immediately which feels like the one for you.