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What are your thoughts on road tubeless?

I've been pondering it for a while and see that Wiggle have a deal on Eurus 2way wheels so am seriously considering buying them with some stans sealant and a pair of fusion 3s.

Have heard you have to run low pressures so as a heavy (100kg+) rider am a bit concerned by this.



  • Lig
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    Hi Cuthbert,

    I was pondering this too.....Wiggle have them at 499 (but then add some oil - to make it over 500 - put in the voucher code and get them for 450)!!

    BUT STOP - Highonbikes have the Shamals 2 way but in Titanium finish for 500 - Got to be a better deal so this is where my money went!!!

    Unsure about the tyres - I have read good reviews about tubeless - I dont think you have to run them at lower pressures do you???

    If you get them let me know how they feel as I am going to stick with my tubes for now....

  • maddog 2
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    they are excellent (tubeless) - supple, good grip, comfy, less punctures

    many of the grumbles I've seen about them are either from people who struggled to fit them properly anyway - which makes me question their competence - or who pumped them up so hard they didn't realise the benefits of tubeless - which make me question their intelligence.

    I've run Fusion2s and Atoms now and I won't be going back to clinchers. Wiggle now has Fusion3s in stock too.
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