Double pelvic fracture - recovery timeframes?

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Managed to cycle into a parked cars boot at about 30mph on 10th April :shock: - saw it at the last second & turned the bike, to avoid a head-on, but slammed into the boot with my right hip, fracturing my superior & inferior rami :cry::cry: - stable fractures, no op required & no other injuries apart from the absolute mother of all bruises on my thigh, a very small graze on my left ankle & a small bruise on my right shin - bit of a result, considering the terrible state of other people in the hospital who had done similar things.
I was in hospital for 9 days, although the last 3 were a bit pointless as I was only waiting for the physio department to confirm that I could climb the stairs to my flat but they don't work the weekends.
I'm now on 2 crutches & fairly mobile, although sitting down for over an hour or so is very uncomfortable, even with some serious padding on the chair, & the short walk/hobble I tried after visiting the physio today & then dropping into the docs (total about 500m) was right at the limit of serious pain.
No-one seems able to give me any even wild idea of how long it's going to be until:
a) I can go back to work (desk job with hour long train & tube commute)
b) I can start cycling.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.