Buying a Boardman from a 'good' halfords near Southampton???

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OK so I'm going to buy a Boardman Team Carbon. Having read other posts and having a test ride round the car park - I made my own mind up on the size I want - the Halfords Boardman 'expert' was as much use as a chocolate teapot - has anyone within a radius of Southampton bought a Boardman and been happy with their build? Having read some horror stories of the quality of their staff, I wanted to see if I could order from a specific store that may have slightly more knowledgable staff in?


  • xloly
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    You could try Hedge End, I read last year that they were "better", good luck with it.
    You could always buy it in a box and take it to Hargroves or Rock n Road, either of those would probably set it up for about £30 and you know it would be done correctly!
  • rich164h
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    I live between Hedge End and Eastleigh and have visited both of those stores and I've never seen anything that would give me enough confidence to buy a decent bike from them.

    I work in Farnborough though and my experience there was the complete opposite. I went in one lunchtime and the guy (who was clearly an enthusiast himself) knew up front that I wasn't going to buy anything that day but still spent nearly an hour with me getting a Team Carbon set up so that I would be happy with it, if I decided to buy one. I would have no problem sending my business to them, indeed the only reason why I haven't so far is that my company is still pondering which R2W scheme to go with! Farnborough is only 40-45 mins away so it's probably worth the trip up. They also seem to stock more Boardman bikes than other stores so you'll have plenty to look at and try out.