Adidas Shoes 2010

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Do Adidas currently have a road shoe range ?

Anyone know of any UK stockists ? or european if none in the UK ?

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  • copper585
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    believe addidas stopped doing them however j e james were the stockists
  • The Greg
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    If I remember rightly Mavic were responsible for the design and manufacture of the Adidas cycling shoes but decided to launch their own Mavic-branded shoes last year - the result being no more Adidas cycling shoes.
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  • Monty Dog
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    Mavic were for a number of years part of Adidas Salomon and effectively were responsible for the Adidas range of cycling kit including shoes. Mavic since acquired by Amer Sports but the 'licensing' deal with Adidas expired in 2008 so since then Mavic have been marketing their own range of kit and shoes - some not too disimilar to the old Adididas products. If you've got deep enough pockets, Mavic are up for sale!
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  • guilliano
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    When Adidas did cycling shoes Chickens were the distributor, as they were for Mavic wheels. Mavic went solo and are now distributing for themselves and as such Adidas cycling shoes are indeed now Mavic shoes. Damn good they are too..... my XC shoes are Adidas/Mavic