Planet-X Nanolight Frameset

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I recall there was a thread on here about this a couple of months back but nobody had really ridden one then. I'm looking for a Carbon frame to build up and this is one I was considering. I was therefore wondering if anyone had experienced one yet?

One thing that did confuse me is that the sizing info says: "This is a sportive geometry bike, so it has a slightly shorter top tube than the equivalent sized race geometry bike."

I found this strange as the rest of the blurb suggests its a race bike. Certainly, with tyre clearance for 24s only, this would suggest this is the case. Or is it a race bike with Sportive geometry???


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  • Scrumple
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    It is very much PR blurb as they are appealing to both markets....

    Ignore the blurb and just look at the charts and legths and compare to bikes you like / know.

    No idea on the ride but there's a huuuuge thread on them if you search
  • Thanks. That's very helpful but has anyone actually got one of these?

    Or do people only ride Boardmans on here?
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    boardman here. cant match it at the price.
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    I'd say it has an average to long top tube, but definitely not short!

    On the XL it's 5mm longer than the SL Pro Carbon, and the seat angle's half a degree steeper, so in total the reach will be a good 10mm more.