What's This Worth?

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I've got this and was wondering if it is worth anything and if so, what?
The frame is Vitus 888, Brakes are Modolo(Professional I think), chainset and derailleurs are Shimano Dura-Ace. It's a Motobecane from the early 80s. Any ideas? 4535711932_be0bb57bdb_t.jpg


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    Photo is too small to determine condition which will have a big impact on value. If the components are in very good condition, you may get more by splitting the parts, otherwise going rate for a bike of this vintage is £250-500. Vitus 888 is not a common tubeset and is fairly heavy even for steel tubesets.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Hope these are of a better quality to make a judgement on.
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    I can't help with pricing, but it's gorgeous!

    have you tried www.retrobike.co.uk ? They're pretty helpful in there.
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    You will get more for the parts than the whole.
    Brake set,£40,These are as sought after as campag
    Chain set £20 - 25 If rings are not to worn ,
    Front ,rear mechs £15 for pair
    Frame Forks £30-40.
    Wheels if sound £20-40 depending on hubs,
    Bars /stem,£10-15

    Prices judged by want i see stuff sell for at jumbles.
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    Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.
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    Ps check out ebay for past prices made by some of the parts .Search by maker and model,you maybe amazed at some of the prices paid for early Dura Ace components :shock: .