Cycle 2 Work - a bit different

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So, the cycle 2 work has raised its head again. I'm going to get a Carrera subway 8 with part of my money (for a no of reasons, but basically this is non-negotiable!) from Halfords, so I have the balance of my money to play with (cos its like free money isn't it??!!). So what do i get?

I have the following bikes:
Condor Agio (sram rival/force)
Condor Squadra (Sram rival)
Kinesis Crosslight (Dura Ace/105 9 speed)
Raleigh Firefly (MTB converted into bull horn fun bike)
Single Speed Emmelle racer
Dahon MUSl
Dahon Hammerhead 7.0 (Mini velo)
Peugeot Tandem

I don't really NEED anything else, but I would LIKE to spend the rest of my cycle to work - so any suggestions? I was thinking maybe a decent single speed/fixed flip flop hub bike, or maybe I should join the dark side and get a decent MTB, but I thought any thoughts would be welcomed....