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What a fantastic weekend!

dan sharddan shard Posts: 722
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I just want to share with you what a great weekend I had. Got up early on Saturday and drove down to Llandegla, hammered the black run in the sunshine, took plenty of vids and a nice coffee and cake in the cafe afterwards. TOP day!


  • RealManRealMan Posts: 2,166
    dan shard wrote:
    took plenty of vids

    Can't say that and then not show them..

    A picture of the aforementioned cake would be nice too.

    Had a nice weekend too, spent almost the entire of Saturday at the bmx track in the sun and dust. Perfect.
  • kaytronikakaytronika Posts: 580
    Would love to see vids of Llandegla, I've been watching a few as it's on my visit list.

    I've had a similarly great weekend. I only did a short ride but it represented my first planned ride in about five years and my first decent off road ride since I was 18 (30 now). Despite being a good few stone heavier than I was then, I still managed to make it to the top of Rivington Pike. The Cheshire Cat grin on my face when I clattered my way back down confirmed that I still enjoy cycling. More days out will be planned over the coming months.
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  • VOIDH!!!

    cwnt needs to know what he's letting himself in for! :lol:
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