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Steel Road bike project

thiscocksthiscocks Posts: 603
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Thought I'd put some pics up of my steel frame which I have just had sprayed and tidyed up. Not brilliant pics but you can see a bit of the metallic which looks really nice in the sunlight.




  • laelae Posts: 555
    Very handsome, and an excellent quality respray.
  • thiscocksthiscocks Posts: 603

    Some more pics of it closer to completion....

  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    Looking pretty mate.

    I wish mine was that close to being finished!
  • thiscocksthiscocks Posts: 603
    cheers. Just gear cables to do now. Also have another pair of wheels(campag) I will put on but still waiting for the hubs. Then it will be a total Campagnolo build! (except for bars, pedals and stem...)
  • pbt150pbt150 Posts: 338
    What bars are those? I'm just starting to build up a steel bike, and I can't find any non-anodised aluminium bars anywhere.

    Looks like a very pretty bike there - nice one!
  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    Get on hubjub or velosolo mate.
  • thiscocksthiscocks Posts: 603
    They are 3ttt 'competizione' tdf bars. 3ttt did a few bars in the gun-metal like these I think. You can find plenty of bars on ebay normally. As well as here, Londonfixed gear always has lots of people selling vintage stuff.
  • thiscocksthiscocks Posts: 603


    Frame: Roberts steel
    Forks: Roberts steel
    Bars: 3ttt
    Stem: 3ttt
    Headset: Campagnolo Record
    Bar Tape: Cinelli

    Front Brake Lever: Campagnolo Mirage
    Front Caliper: Campagnolo Avanti
    Rear Brake Lever: Campagnolo Mirage
    Rear Caliper: Campagnolo Avanti

    Shifters: Campagnolo Mirage
    Cables: Campagnolo
    Front Mech: Campagnolo Mirage
    Rear Mech: Campagnolo Mirage

    Seat: Selle Italia Turbo SLG
    Seat Post: ITM alu
    Seat Post Clamp: Campagnolo

    Cranks: Campagnolo Veloce
    Chainring(s): Campagnolo 53/42
    Chain: Campagnolo Record
    Cassette: Campagnolo 13-26
    Pedals: Shimano 540
    Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Veloce

    Front Wheel:
    Rim: Ambrosio Evolution
    Spokes: Sapim
    Hub: Ambrosio Zenith
    Tube: Continental
    Tire: Continental Ultra Sport
  • ScaldedCatScaldedCat Posts: 111
    Really nice, congrats. :D
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
  • mididoctorsmididoctors Posts: 8,615
    proper bike
    "If I was a 38 year old man, I definitely wouldn't be riding a bright yellow bike with Hello Kitty disc wheels, put it that way. What we're witnessing here is the world's most high profile mid-life crisis" Afx237vi Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:43 pm
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