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Locks locks locks - kryptonite evolution 2 or the 4?

GarbitGarbit Posts: 54
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Hi there,

i have a GT aggressor xc3 and was wanting to buy a lock. I've done a fair bit of reading about the kryptonite series and set my eyes on the evolution 4 series lock however when i was going to purchase it on amazon i noticed that there was an evolution 2 series with braided cable for £10 less.

I've also looked at getting bike insurance with for £36 and if your bike is under £500 they accept any lock but for piece of mind i'd like a good lock.

However im asking shall i spend on the expensive lock and shell out even more for the cable as well or get the the 2series with cable for £20.

Is there a great difference between the series? ... _rhf_p_t_4 ... rid_pt_0_2


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  • GarbitGarbit Posts: 54
    As if! surely thats by shear chance?
  • GarbitGarbit Posts: 54
    How do you stop the forks from being stolen?
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Garbit wrote:
    As if! surely thats by shear chance?

    They make a big deal out of the number of key combinations so no, it's not just chance, they've cut a corner or they've ****ed up, almost certainly. It's possible one of the locks has a completely worn out barrel to be fair, but not the most likely explanation (which would be that once again kryptonite are playing silly buggers with their locks, just like they did with the round key locks.)
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  • GarbitGarbit Posts: 54
    So what other locks are pretty good?
  • GarbitGarbit Posts: 54
    If i purchase a lock off of ebay, will the insurance company not accept the purchase as a valid purchase?

    * edit *

    Just rang up and they said as long as i keep hold of the sellers reciept then its fine, just wondering how long i should get for the cable to tie off my fast release front wheel, seat and forks :S
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