Fixed Virgin

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Any advice on which is the better specified bike.

No chance of trying before buying so will be mail order.

As a fixed virgin, I have obviously gone for the "pretty bikes" (imo), but have no idea on the different specifications.

Langster or Dispatch ... temId=8096 ... PATCH.aspx



  • rf6
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    I've had a ride on my mate's langster. In all fairness it's a lovely bike. Prefer the looks of the Felt though.
  • GarethPJ
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    It depends what you're looking for in your bike. Both of those are pretty much road frames converted to SS/fixed. As such they may not be ideal for your use. If you currently find a road bike suits your intended use then they would be ideal. If you're looking for something a bit more pointy that is better suited to quick directional changes in an urban environment then look elsewhere. Similarly if you're looking for a tougher more practical bike with clearance for guards and the like, then these bikes aren't really for you.

    I, for example, prefer the old school courier style rigid MTB converted to fixed, but I like a nice stiff aluminium frame.
  • pitchshifter
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    Had this for a month. Lovely steel frame. Heavier than the 2 you have your eye on though!

    Also abit different, you see loads of Langsters about.

    You looked at Charge? Although these are also becoming extremely popular.
  • I have a charge plug, and tyres aside it is excellent fun. The bull horn bars were a bit odd at first but once I got used to them they are ace, especially on a climb.