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how to find previous posts?

peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
I cannot seem to find a link anywhere to my previous posts.
I am trying to find a thread started by another member . I cannt remember either the members ID name or the thread title and therefore cannot use the search facility.

I posted on their thread but cannot find a link to my posts ??? :roll:

I tried looking in members but there are over 6000 pages to view and my ID starts with P grrrr no facility to view members by alphabetical order so i cannot even find a link to my posts.
its probably right in front of me somewhere but I can't see it.


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,465
    There's a couple of ways.

    1. Click the Profile button beneath your name on any post, or click on your name on the active users list at the bottom of the main page. On there, there's a link which says something like 'view all posts of this user'.

    2. Go to the forum search, and search by your username.

    Both methods will take you to this page: ... hor=peanut
  • peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
    thanks for your quick reply unfortunately neither will actually work.

    First searching for 'peanut' will only bring up topics about food .

    Secondly I haven't posted in a week or so and thousands of posts have been made since. I cannot remember the last thread title I started which might have been weeks ago.

    Now that I have posted here of course I can use my post to access my name and find previous posts that way :wink:
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,465
    On the search form, there's an option to search for author. Put your username in the box next to it and your posts will show up. I've just tried it, it works. ;)
  • peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
    yes that works well doesn't it thank you . I'll remember that now for future reference.Thanks once again :wink:
  • ChronicbintChronicbint Posts: 172
    Really need a "View your posts" link, like on the majority of other forums. :) This shows all posts you have created AND all posts you have posted in.

    This place is just too big and too many posts to keep up with anything at times.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    just go to your profile,or anyone else's and click the link that says "Find all posts by XVZ"
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