£250 budget, is this a good buy?

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Hey guys,

I've not done any cycling for about 10 years and really want to get back into it.

I have set a budget of £250 and come across this Carrera from Halfords, the 20% offer they have on at the moment means i'll get it for £240.

http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... 65499#dtab

Any thoughts or anything others I should be considering in this price range?

Cheers 8)


  • supersonic
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    Yes, very good for the money.
  • Khanzo
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    Out of interest, would you recommend the Disc or V brake version of this?


  • asdfhjkl
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    Disc, if you can afford it.
  • The Carreras are very good value for the money. The forks aren't amazing, but you'd spend your full budget on a good fork alone.

    Main difference with disc and V-brakes is that V-brakes suffer badly in the wet. Discs don't.
  • asdfhjkl
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    As above. With the Carrera Vulcan, it's also because the disc version has a better fork.
  • With the bike having 20% off if you order online aswell it will be cheaper than £240 for the v-brake version. Think it works out at £207 if you order it. They will still assemble it for free and give you the first service free too (if you trust them to - I would) at your local Halfords.
  • Northwind
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    Nice bikes these. The fork's basic but then so is every bike at this price.
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  • i have just bought the carrera kraken and my brother has just bought the carrera vulcan they are booth nice bikes and ride spot on carnt go rong for the money just check it is built properly
    carrera kraken