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I'm in the market for a new mountain bike and I'm torn between a Trek Fuel EX 8 which has been offered to me for £1799.00 or a Cube AMS 125 RX at £1620.00. At the moment I'm drawn towards the cube a) because of price and b) the slightly higher spec of components. The problem is I can't find many reviews on this particular bike.

I would welcome any views/experiences.



  • supersonic
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    Any chance you can test them?
  • Only on the road which is a bit limiting.

  • supersonic
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    I'd still do that - it will give you an idea of geometry and fit which can often rule one in or out.
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    Well al Randall, I just bought an ex 8 upgraded from a boardman ht and have to say what a great bike the trek is. Very plush and I've conquered some more techy stuff that I just could not for life of me on the bman. A great bike with great components and at that price a great deal. Don't no too much about the cube but the rental place at our local trail centre has taken on cubes for this year and he seems to be impressed but they are all ht though.
    Plenty of good reviews for the trek online
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    If you are talling a 2010 Ex8 then that is a really good price!

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  • I've settled on the Trek Fuel EX 8 as I couldn't find a bad review and managed to get the price down to £1700. Although the Cube was very well specced, I wasn't keen on the position of the rear shock and couldn't find any reviews at all on the bike I wanted. Cube in general though do get good reviews.

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    Hi mate, I've got a Cube AMS Pro 100 R1 Mag and I struggled to find reviews or a place to test ride one too. In the end I thought bugger it and bought one online and I'm pleased to say I'm very happy with it. I have a review here if you or anyone else wanted to look. ... elID=44309
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    I bought my AMS100 about a year ago, and its a good bike to ride, the AMS 125 is design for the Alpines and has very much good coverage in Europe unfortunately mostly in Deutch etc.

    Well spec for the price and a good looking bike a head turner. CUBE has been the standard bearer of the Rothaus MTB Team one of the team in the Alps - some of the German riders rode in the Beijing Olympics with the Cube.