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Managed to rip off my derailleur !!!

kfinlaykfinlay Posts: 763
edited April 2010 in Workshop
Anyone else managed this?
I was going up a hill out of the saddle and pushing pretty hard when the derailleur snapped.
It had been twisted around clockwise towards the seat stay then snapped just below the main bolt for the hanger.
I can only think that something had jammed with the chain to pull it around. I have removed the chain and fully cleaned/lubed it along with cleaning the cassette - they had been a bit grubby although I found no stiff chain links. I had also cleaned and lubed the derailleur before the ride and made sure that eveything was running/changing smoothly.

Just trying to find out the cause to avoid it happening again as the next time Chain Reaction Cycles may not be as helpful - this time they were great, quick call, emailed them a couple of pics and a new derailleur received within 2 days - big up to CRC :D

Also can you get powerlinks for campag chains link the SRAM one or does the SRAM one fit?

TIA :)

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  • PorgyPorgy Posts: 4,525
    Happened to me twice - first time a twig had got stuck in there and the second time it was the strap of my pannier. :oops:
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Mainly happens due to a bent / poorly aligned mech hanger, forcing the chain to jam in the jockey wheel cage and wrapping it around the cassette - I've seen frames broken as a consequence. Happened to me is a cross race last season after a crash, nearly wrecking a £1000 frame!
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  • kfinlaykfinlay Posts: 763
    Yeah certainly seems like some sort of jam, double checked the frame/hanger/alignment etc and all gear operation before going on the ride. Have also double checked everything now that it is all back together again - at least I broke the derailleur rather than the frame.

    Summer Bike: Colnago C60
    Winter Bike: Vitus Alios
    MTB: 1997 GT Karakorum
  • thiscocksthiscocks Posts: 549
    yep, Happened to me when I rode over a plastic bag! It got caught in the rear mech and the spokes, pulled it all round destroying the mech (both jockey wheels flew across the road), locking the rear wheel up, bent the spokes and bent my rear drop-out.

    Result: New dropouts welded on and re-spray! Avoid riding over plastic bags if you can!
  • pmannion9pmannion9 Posts: 278
    Also happened to me.
    Only it was my own fault.
    Chain broke and it was to short after a temporary fix....
    Also bent the rear mesh hanger..
    Lesson learned.
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