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clunk goes the fork.

brockybrocky Posts: 104
edited April 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
yo riding some 06/07 drop off triples and when i go to manual/wheelie or any action that involves llifting the front wheel i get a loud clunk from the fork.I will warn you now that for some reason my fork is not actually in my user manual:Sthanks all help appreciated:D


  • JimmerGJimmerG Posts: 143

    Sounds like 'top out clunk' to me. I suspect they're supposed to have somesort of rebound damping - maybe all the oil has leaked out? Or maybe you've got the damping wound right off...
  • brockybrocky Posts: 104
    rite ok.cheers dude.any idea how to adjust the rebound thingy?or shall i just put it into the local bike shop for a service?
  • JimmerGJimmerG Posts: 143
    The rebound is usually adjusted but turning a control dial on the bottom of one of the legs...
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