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Alloy post instead of carbon

DaimlerDaimler Posts: 215
edited April 2010 in Workshop
I posted this before but can't find it.

I'm looking at a weight weenie upgrade for my seatpost and can see a KCNC seatpost thats nice and light to replace my S-Works Carbon one.

Reading on the WW forum people say they have changed from Carbon posts to alloy posts with no problems but they don't say if they're frames are carbon.
Not fussed about shock absorption etc as I'm very light anyway.
I would imagine a little bit of suitable greasing would be sufficient to stop it slipping or getting stuck.

Planet X RT-57 custom build


  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 2,706
    I would use carbon assembly paste.
  • DaimlerDaimler Posts: 215

    I just had a stroke of luck finding a nice carbon post thats light at a great price so I ordered that instead.

    However. I'll probably still go for the alloy one for my SL3 as it's a KCNC jobbie.
    Planet X RT-57 custom build
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